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Whether you're looking for help with data analysis or employing semantic technologies at scale, Hesper NZ has all the technical and analytical expertise you need to help you succeed.
From data to knowledge.
By helping you adopt novel data analysis, integration, and enrichment techniques, we assist you in putting all your data to work and boost your knowledge extraction and discovery capabilities.
Some of the most valuable information is locked within textual formats such as customer reviews, emails, and internal reports. By helping you with analysing, annotating, and categorising your unstructured data, we equip you with better customer insights and help modernise your digital asset management.
Duplicated and heterogeneous data can overwhelm your business analytics efforts and lead to poor employee and customer experience. We help you consolidate and reconcile your data using the record linkage and data deduplication algorithms to provide you with integrated knowledge and support better decision-making.
Integrating the external with the internal provides much-needed context and drives richer insights. Utilise third-party data and knowledge sources to enhance and bridge the gaps within your own private data. We can help you overcome common enrichment challenges and derive full benefits of external knowledge.
Towards the next horizon.
Utilise semantic technologies to ensure both humans and machines can easily navigate and derive insights from your data. Enterprise knowledge graphs and ontologies are powerful knowledge backbones that act as crystallisation and linking points for data and knowledge integration.
Ontologies & Taxonomies
Taxonomy and ontology data models are foundational to the data governance and information management capabilities of any organisation. Intuitive and comprehensive taxonomies help organise your internal documentation and other company assets and make it easier for your customers to navigate your product and service selection.
Knowledge graphs
Knowledge bases and knowledge graphs are emerging data management technologies that are understandable to both humans and machines. By helping you build and support your own knowledge graph models, we empower you with knowledge inference and insights for business and consumer analytics.
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Your local knowledge engineering guru.
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